Hot Club de Lyon

Hot Club De Lyon

Lyon has more than a dozen jazz clubs, some with long and storied histories. I’m a sucker for live music. But finding live music venues in foreign countries, particularly when I don’t speak the language, can be tricky. How exciting it was to find that Hot Club De Lyon was literally next door to the …

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Our favorite spot: Le Broc’Bar

Our visit to Lyon was to be a three-night layover on the way from Paris to Narbonne. We had reserved a fifth-floor walkup in the 1st arrondissement, the Presqu’île, but since we’d never been to Lyon we really didn’t know if this would turn out to be a good choice. Would the location be convenient or difficult? Would the neighborhood be vibrant or sketchy? As it turns out, it was perfect, and Le Broc’Bar was one of the reasons.

Brasserie George, Lyon, France

Lyon’s Infamous Brasserie Georges

One reason I love traveling to a big city is that it is such a different experience from my own life. There are the physical differences: streets packed with vehicles and people, the hum of traffic and voices, even the light is different, bouncing off glass and steel and concrete. And there is so much to do: parks and gardens, museums, galleries, live music and restaurants. And it’s all right there. In easy reach of a subway or a bus or even just the sidewalk.

Pelforth Brune

Pelforth Brune

Available just about everywhere, but here We are lucky, in America, to have so many of the world’s finest foods available to us. From big chain supermarkets to specialty stores, it seems as if there isn’t much you can’t find. Then you travel and discover so many brands you’ve never seen, foods you’ve never heard …

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La Cambuse du Saunier

La Cambuse du Saunier

Outstanding seafood by the sea This outstanding restaurant, just outside the village of Gruissan in the south of France, overlooks the pink salt field where salt and oysters are harvested. The stunning view of the beach and sea is only surpassed by the fresh and delightfully simple food. Seating is outdoors under cane awnings, at large weather-beaten trestle tables that …

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