About Roll Your Bones

In November of 1959 Jack Kerouac appeared on The Steve Allen Show. While he joyously read an excerpt from his book, On The Road, in the background Allen laid down a jazzy piano riff. In this appearance, Kerouac attempted to explain why he wrote “that book or any book.” He described seeing God, and being given the following instruction:

come on, boy,
go thou across the ground
go moan for man
go moan
go groan
go groan alone
go roll your bones
go thou and be little beneath my sight
go thou and be minute as seed in the pod
go thou go thou die hence
and of this world, report you well and truly

What does “Roll Your Bones” mean?

I interpret it as a command: Experience life, testify, push forward, quietly and with purpose. It’s also a way of living; a way to respond to the world we live in.

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog is my recipe binder and clippings folder. It’s the catchall for the best of what we did and what we want to do. What makes it into this collection are my favorites. If it wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t included.

Most of the recipes are vegetarian or pescatarian, and serve two adults. Many have been adapted from the original to be a little less fat-laden, a little bit healthier. At the very end of each recipe you’ll find estimated calories per serving.


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