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Atwater Market in Montréal

Atwater Market

[MONTRÉAL, CANADA] Montréal is such a charming city–its architecture reminiscent of Europe. In addition to quaint residential neighborhoods, there are squares and parks, and plenty of outdoor cafés. Old Montréal, in particular, is a heritage district …

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Nashville's Honky Tonk Highway

Nashville’s Honky Tonk Highway

Nashville is a big, sprawling city. However, standing in the four-block stretch of downtown known as “Honky Tonk Highway,” it feels much smaller. Here restaurants, bars, music halls, western wear stores, and souvenir shops pack ground level storefronts, the upper floors and even rooftops.

Ceiling of Frist Art Museum, Nashville, TN

Frist Art Museum in Nashville, TN

We knew we’d be seeing some amazing paintings and sculptures. However, we did not anticipate the architectural significance of the building itself.

Milk & Honey Nashville, TN

Milk & Honey in Nashville, TN

Heading out of Nashville on Sunday morning, our last stop was for breakfast. After researching dozens of breakfast websites, there was only one place that stood out: Milk & Honey Nashville. One glance at the menu, and all other options were off the table.

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