Cherry Tomatoes

Too Many Cherry Tomatoes?

How to freeze grape or cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes are wildly prolific. What can one do with so many tiny tomatoes? Freezing them is one option. It’s really easy to do and come winter you’ll have a brightly colored and flavorful reminder of your summer garden.

  1. Wash the tomatoes.
  2. Use a salad spinner or clean dish cloth until completely dry.
  3. Place an empty cookie sheet in the freezer.
  4. Place your clean and dried tomatoes on the cookie sheet. (Trying to balance the round tomatoes on the cookie sheet while maneuvering the tray into the freezer will likely end up with your tomatoes on the floor, particularly if you have a bottom-freezer. That’s why we suggest putting the tray in first.)
  5. Wait about one hour, until the tomatoes are frozen solid.
  6. Remove tomatoes from freezer and pack in a zipper bag.


What to Do with Frozen Tomatoes

Frozen tomatoes are no longer appropriate to eat in a salad. Instead blend them with other ingredients for sauce. Add to soup, rice or casserole. If you prefer to eat these tiny tomatoes without the skin, just dip them in a bowl of hot water and the skins will peel right off.

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