La Cambuse du Saunier

La Cambuse du Saunier

Outstanding seafood by the sea

This outstanding restaurant, just outside the village of Gruissan in the south of France, overlooks the pink salt field where salt and oysters are harvested. The stunning view of the beach and sea is only surpassed by the fresh and delightfully simple food.

Seating is outdoors under cane awnings, at large weather-beaten trestle tables that look like they’ve been fastened from real driftwood. The breezes can be brisk, so the cutlery comes creatively stowed in large plaid cloth napkins that become placemats when unfurled.

The specialties at La Cambuse du Saunier are oysters and all types of fish and meat cooked in a salt crust. Everything we had was terrific, but the course I’ll never forget was the seafood platter. We chose: crab, shrimp, sea-snails, mussels and oysters. The shrimp was so sweet, the sea-snails tender and only slightly chewy with a briny-sweetness, and the oysters – oh the oysters. Truly an amazing restaurant.

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