Apples, peeled and sliced 4 oz
Bananas, mashed 8 oz
Blueberries 6 oz
Cranberries 3.5 oz
Peaches 6 oz
Pears, peeled and diced 5.75 oz
Pineapple 8.5 oz
Raspberries 4.25 oz
Strawberries 5.875 oz
DRIED FRUIT – Half cup
Apricots, dried 2.25 oz
Cherries, dried 2.25
Cranberries, dried 2 oz
Currants, dried 2.5 oz
Dates 2.625 oz
Figs, dried 2.625 oz
Raisins 5 .25 oz
Raisins, packed 6 oz

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