The Corner Grille, Worcester, Massachusetts

The Corner Grille in Worcester, Massachusetts

About 1 hour outside Boston, in the sleepy city of Worcester, Massachusetts, is the most amazing little restaurant. This unassuming store front is the height of local. It’s a no frills, hole in the wall. But the pizza, oh the pizza.

The Corner Grille’s own advertising describes their offerings as “not your average pizza pie.” That is an understatement. Food reviewers have proclaimed it “the thinnest, crispiest crust in pizzeria history,” “ultra-thin,” and “ultra-skinny.” All true.

The crisp crust is light, almost cracker-like. The ingredients are fresh and simple–such a departure from what we know as a traditional slice: one that takes two hands to manage.

Square pizzas are served on large wooden boards lined with a layer of parchment. Everything comes on paper plates, with brown paper napkins and no silverware. Twelve slices total. Just enough for two people.

Pesto, Greek, chicken curry are a few of the unexpected pizza toppings. Our favorite is the Sweet Tomato and Basil pie. Thinly-sliced, ripe, garden tomatoes, a light tomato sauce with threads of fresh basil, and just the right amount of cheese. It is astonishing how delicious something so simple can be.

The restaurant’s small yet welcoming space is spare and tidy. Order at the counter, then find a seat. Inside the restaurant, there is seating at a handful of large, wooden, family-style tables. Outside, on a narrow bit of sidewalk between the restaurant and the street, are two small metal café tables. The perfect spot to sit and watch the bustling neighborhood activity. When your pizza is ready, someone will bring it to your table.

The Corner Grille is located at 806 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA.

Visit The Corner Grille website.

No restroom on site.

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