Maps of motorcycle route form Spencertown To Salisbury

Best Ride NY: Upstate New York

Favorite Motorcycle Ride: Upstate NY to CT

The ride starts at St. Peter’s Church in Spencertown, at the intersection of Routes 203 and Route 7. Fast, windy roads lead out of the village, through the woods and over the mountain. Turning onto 21, the road becomes a bit wider and faster with some fun crests and dips. 21 feeds onto State Route 22, wide and fast, then near Copake we turn onto Under Mountain Road. Narrow and dark from branches and foliage hanging overhead, the pavement on this road is often rutted and uneven, yet it’s one of my favorite strips of road. Turning onto Boston Corners Road, the view-shed expands and the road hugs both farmed and fallow fields, as well as a large lake. The picturesque landscape and rural backdrop end when you hit Main Street in Millerton, but that’s okay because now we’re just 10 minutes from our lunch destination, Chaiwalla in Salisbury, CT.

Time: Approximately 1 hour each way

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