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JUNE 29, 2019

It’s been about one year since we first installed our Deer-Proof Vegetable Garden Kit. It was well into the planting season when we placed the order. By the time we installed it, filled the beds with soil, and planted the first vegetables, it was late July. Not the best time to start a vegetable garden in the Hudson Valley.

This is our first full year using the Vegetable Garden Kit

This year everything went in on time. Each plant received a layer of homemade compost and about 1/3 cup of Espoma vegetable fertilizer. Any open soil was covered with a layer of newspaper, followed by a layer of grass clippings collected from the mulching mower. This final step helps keep the soil cool and moist, and it cuts down on weeds.

The biggest lesson from last year centered around watering. It was turning out to be our first year successfully growing beets. Then, unexpectedly, the luscious beet leaves turned brown and developed holes. A quick Google search and we learned that the problem was due to a fungus attributable to watering from above.

Lesson learned. At planting this year, we laid soaker hoses around the small plants. winding back and forth and around again. It has rained consistently this spring and we’ve only had to use it a handful of times.

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