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Eight Outstanding Vegetarian Entrees for Two

Meatless Entrée Recipes for Two

Not eating meat shouldn’t mean eating less delicious food. But it does take a change in focus. A good vegetarian meal is more than a classic dish with the meat removed.  The focus and the flavor must come from ingredients that are more traditionally relegated to the background.

While the vegetarian menu options when eating out are often from the same handful of dishes, at home we can be more adventurous. These eight recipes were selected not simply because they don’t include meat, but because they are made with good ingredients, are relatively healthy and just plain delicious.

Asparagus With Mixed Vegetables Stir-Fry

This is the simplest and tastiest stir fry we’ve ever tried. The vegetables come out brightly colored and perfectly cooked, and it’s only 315 calories. Top it all off with the fact that cooking time is

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Vegetable Bibimbap

Roasted Vegetable Bibimbap

This vegetable Bibimbap recipe is adapted from Martha Rose Shulman’s recipe in the New York Times. It’s super simple to prepare. If you’re a good multi-tasker, it could take as little as 45 minutes. Ingredients Butternut

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Tomato-Cauliflower Curry with Corn

Tomato-Cauliflower Curry with Corn

Tomato-Cauliflower Curry with Corn This Tomato-Cauliflower Curry with Corn recipe was adapted from the one on the Food Network website. Ingredients For the curry2 Tbl vegetable oil1/2 small onion, chopped2 large cloves garlic, finely chopped2 tsp

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Asparagus-Mushroom Risotto

Asparagus-Mushroom Risotto

This low-cal version of classic risotto is adapted from the one on SkinnyTaste.com. It’s a simple recipe but it requires your undivided attention. The asparagus-mushroom risotto must be stirred gently, and almost constantly, for almost 30

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Three Bean Chipotle Chili

Vegetarian Three-Bean Chipotle Chili

Hearty chili with warm, rich flavor We tried at least a dozen vegetarian chili recipes before this one. None even came close to matching the complex flavors and textures of this dish. (To make this recipe gluten-free,

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Vegetarian Entree: No Pain Lo Mein

No Pain Lo Mein

Asian-style shrimp with noodles and vegetables It’s easy to see why we call this No Pain Lo Mein. This Asian-style shrimp with noodles and vegetables is simple to prepare and delicious to eat. This recipe has fewer

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Pasta shell risotto with broccoli rabe for two

Pasta Shell Risotto with Broccoli Rabe

Gemelli, Campanelle and Fusilli work well too. If you love the traditional Italian combination of greens and beans, add 7 oz of canned (cooked) cannellini beans immediately before the broccoli rabe greens. Adapted from the Pasta Shell Risotto

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