Best big breakfast Brio's Phoenicia

Favorite Big Breakfast: Brio’s in Phoenicia

Big Breakfast: A Perfect Omelette, Home Fries and Toast

Quantity is far from my number one criteria for a good meal, but sometimes there’s nothing like a big breakfast. My favorite big breakfast of all is a spinach and feta cheese omelette with home fries and toast. When the craving hits, we head over to Brio’s in Phoenicia, NY.

Brio’s may be a Pizzeria/Restaurant, but they make a great big breakfast. The restaurant isn’t fancy, but the quality is dependable, the outdoor patio is charming, and the portions are, let’s say, hearty. Best of all, the spinach and feta cheese omelette is consistently delicious. 

The definition of a good omelette is a personal thing. I like the egg to be not-too-blended or of an entirely even consistency. This isn’t a crepe. It shouldn’t be too thin or too thick, and the egg and the filling should come together a little. My favorite style omelette isn’t filling cleanly wrapped in scrambled egg, and it isn’t a frittata—but there can be a little mixing. Most of all the cheese should be melted a little, not left in a chunk.

Going out for breakfast can be disappointing. Sometimes you get a great omelette and subpar potatoes, or good potatoes and limp bread. But Brio’s does it all just right. At least, they do it how I like it.

Brio’s is located in the northeast corner of the Catskill Mountains in Phoenicia, NY. It’s a gorgeous drive from anywhere. Summer is best, though, when you can grab a table out on the patio. The sun can be strong, so be sure to get a table with a large umbrella. 

68 Main Street, Phoenicia, NY

Visit the website of Brio’s, home of the Best Big Breakfast

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